Authentic Scotch Tasting led by Ambassadors Paul Hauck & Mitch Arnold

“Experience & Appreciate the Classics”


Scotch Tasting

One of the few processes remaining that can't be rushed without significant compromise – join us and learn how Single Malt Scotch Whisky is made, how to properly nose, taste and appreciate this most unique and favorable spirit.

“Experience & Appreciate the Classics”


Inspired by their father’s interest and great appreciation for the taste of Scotch whisky, Paul and Mitch began to develop a passion for the spirit early in their adult life. As the years passed their curiosity of Scotch whisky grew. This eventually led to a deep respect for the industry, its rich culture and its long history. Together they studied the origins of Single Malt, how it was (and still is) produced and followed the changes that the industry has taken over recent years. They've sampled many different single malt expressions and today have developed into accomplished and respected tasters. For almost 30 years now the two have researched the Single Malt industry. At the suggestion of friends who have attended their Single Malt gatherings, they decided to branch out and bring their appreciation and knowledge of Single Malt Whisky to others.

Thus “The Perfect Dram” has been created to help others enjoy and savor the taste of Single Malt Scotch Whisky while understanding its origins and celebrating its gifts.

We create a setting that promotes discussion and the development of long term friendships.  Arranged for business or simply for pleasure, we desire to enlighten those participating in a unique, social and respectable manner.

“Experience & Appreciate the Classics”


The Glass – A glass that narrows at the top will hold the aroma and direct the spirit to your nose.

Color – Take note of the color, often influenced by the type of oak cask the whisky is matured in. Lighter gold color indicates a former bourbon cask while deeper gold or amber color suggests sherry wood.

Body – Tilt the glass and give it one full turn. Observe the legs and tears falling down inside the glass. Thick, slow moving legs indicate less alcohol and more body and flavor. Thin legs suggest higher alcohol content and perhaps a more potent whisky.

Nose – Smell or nose the whisky. The first nosing identifies the levels of alcohol. From there experience aromas varying from the smokiness of a peat fire to sweeter, nuttier fruity like note.

Taste – Take a slow, small mouthful to gain a sense of the body and flavor. It is big, rich, creamy, smooth, or volatile? Then add a small amount of water to the whisky. This opens up more aromas and flavors.

Finish – Long, medium, short. How long does the taste linger? Does it leave you reflective or ready to move on?

“Experience & Appreciate the Classics”


“A Sense Of Place”

Highlands – Central & North region of Scotland. Beautiful country side. Gentle but flavorful taste.

Lowlands – Southern region. Industrial area. Light in body and taste. Makers of blended scotch.

Islay – Exposed island off the southwest coast of Scotland. The boldest of malts, recognized for its heavily peated, sea weedy, smoky and medicinal tastes.

The Islands – Located to the north and west of Scotland's mainland, encompassing the famed Hebrides Islands where Viking and Celts once roamed. Well known for its crisp, peppery even volcanic flavors.

Speyside – North central region of the Highlands. Most elegant of single malts. Flowery, fruity. Most concentrated region of distilleries.

Campbeltown – In the southwest region of Scotland (pointing towards Northern Ireland). Once the whisky capital of the world, now attempting a revival.

Where and when "The Perfect Dram" is enlightening folks:

  • May 12, 2015
    Associated Crafts/Raimondo Restoration Client Appreciation – Hyatt Regency in Savannah, GA
  • April 23, 2015
    Snow Capital Client Appreciation – Tambellini’s in Highland Park, PA

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